Our mission

To support equitable and sustainable economic growth by developing high potentials of the future

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Our vision

To create a 21st-century learning process that is both participatory and deep, thereby accelerating the development of HiPoDs who embody the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion as future leaders and global citizens of the world.

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Our LEARNING Philisophy

Based on two core principles:

Deep learning: during deep learning individuals take what was learned in one situation and are able to effectively apply it in another situation. This occurs when individuals are able to transfer the skills of one discipline and use it to successfully navigate a different scenario. Deep learning therefore involves the interplay of cognitive, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Such learning is more likely to resemble the real world scenario in which individuals take charge of their own learning to tackle broader and relevant issues.

Participatory methods: participatory methods involves bringing all relevant stakeholders to the table to discuss issues, gaps, and possible solutions. We believe that challenges of the 21st century must be solved by a collaborative approach that brings all relevant insights into perspective. Our commitment to the process is to include as many voices as possible to guide and shape how we will be ready for the future.

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Sumair A. Sayani

I like to describe myself as an entrepreneur who is passionate about people!

I have been fortunate to travel across the globe and to live, work and learn in several different countries.

My twenty years experience has taught me that, to be successful, it is critical to continuously reinvent yourself and arm yourself with new skills.

We are all connected. This means that future learning and future of work is going to be connected more than ever before. We need to be ready to function anywhere and everywhere demonstrating skills that go beyond foundational skills.

I am very excited about the future.

Read more about my background here: LinkedIn Profile - Sumair Sayani


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